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Doctor Care 2 U

Get compassionate + affordable primary healthcare brought to you, even without health insurance.

Doctor Care 2U (DC2U) is affordable primary and urgent care delivered to you. Utilizing the latest technologies, DC2U can complete up to 90% of the treatments only done in doctors offices, clinics and hospitals, now in your home.

A DC2U team arrives at the appointed time. Your evaluation and diagnosis happens in real time. Every DC2U member starts with a comprehensive “physical” to evaluate where your health is…a baseline. Then, the practitioner on site can administer tests, vaccines and other critical items.

DC2U uses a combination of the best medical technology available along with our exclusive diagnostic A/I, monitoring + testing for better long-term preventative care. A doctor is always available to you.

DC2U was founded to find the best way to provide affordable, safe and quality healthcare. During the Pandemic affordable in-home healthcare is essential for survival. Healthcare-2-Consumer (H2C) is a brand-new category. DC2U is designed with a “Doctor in the Cloud” AI to support the physician and their on-site team. DC2U is committed to building a more compassionate, capable, and expert healthcare workforce to give all our members quality care.

A Better Way To Be…


  • Dr. has time for superior diagnostics
  • Preventative care methodology
  • Cloud/AI Diagnostics
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Approach


  • Cost savings throughout
  • AI assisted Doctor saves costly misdiagnosis
  • Lower overall fixed overhead saves you


  • Doctors Practice Medicine, not profitability
  • After Visit Follow-up methodology
  • Full practice at your doorstep

The DC2U Experience

  • In-person
  • Patient on-boarding
  • Exam and blood tests
  • Personalized wellness program
  • Prevention program with remote monitoring devices and personalized action steps
  • Follow up from medical team
  • Regular monthly email updates on status of remote monitoring
  • Patient uses the DC2U App to request care
  • DC2U patient advocates work with you to define your need
  • Available 24/7/365
  • In-home visits Same Day (when possible)
  • Medical team of administrator + nurse (or doctor) arrive at patient’s home
  • Follow up call from medical team
  • Tests, scans & prescriptions provided at favorable pricing

Our Team

Jay Remley - Doctor Care 2 You

Jay Remley, Founder

Executive Chairman

Google, Matterport, Seagate

Denzil Wessels

Denzil Wessels, Founder

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Architect

Doctor Sean Parsa - Doctor Care 2 You

Dr. Sean Parsa, Founder

Chief Medical Officer

Practicing MD, Stanford

Roger Sanford

Roger Sanford, Founder

Marketing Officer / Chief of Staff

P3M, IFF, FordMoCo

Contact Us

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DC2U is just preparing its pilot for Northern California.  If you live in the Silicon Valley-San Jose-Bay Area and would like more information, contact us. We will get the wheels turning!

Phone: 408-933-3307
Development Office:
250 Natural Bridges Dr. 2nd floor
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Mailing Address:
481 N Santa Cruz Ave #300
Los Gatos, CA 95030

Doctor Care 2 You